Pet Friendly Apartments in Denver

Finding a pet friendly apartment can be tough. Here at Lowry North Apartment Homes we certainly understand how important it is to have our companions by our side. That's why we are a pet friendly community. We love your pets as much as you do. Here are the rules and regulations when having a pet at Lowry North Apartment Homes.

  • Permission granted is restricted to the particular pet described above and does not extend to any other animal. Management has the right to terminate this agreement with a 10 day written notice without cause and it is agreed that the animal listed above will be removed.
  • Pet rent shall be payable in equal and monthly installments of $25 for 1 animal, or $50 for 2, in advance on the 1st day of each month as long as the pet resides in the apartment for any portion of a month. Late fee of $53.25 will be assessed if pet rent is not paid by 5:00 p.m. on th 2nd.
  • Resident agrees to pay a Pet Deposit in the amount of $200.00 for one animal $300.00 for two, and a non-refundable pet fee of $200.00 for one animal and $300.00 for two prior to taking occupancy or bringing a pet on property. The deposit is refundable at the termination of Resident's occupancy, less the cost of cleaning, deodorizing, sanitizing and/or repairs. In the event the deposit amount is not sufficient to cover these costs, Resident agrees to allow management to use the Apartment Security Deposit to help cover costs and will be
  • responsible for paying any additional costs.
  • When pet is outside the apartment, pet must be on a leash or carried at all times. Pet will not be allowed to run loose on the grounds or other common areas. Pet will not be allowed to create excessive noise or annoy other occupants of the building. Windows are not to be left open for pet access, nor are pets to be left on patio/balconies (in kennels or free to roam), tied to trees/carports, etc.
  • Pet will not be allowed to soil patio/balconies, gardens, shrubbery, plants, common areas, carpets, or draperies in or out of the apartment. Resident agrees to curb the pet off-premises and to clean up any and all waste made by this pet in or around apartment and this property. A fine of $50.00 per incident will be charged to clean up a pets waste. Cat owners must maintain a sanitary litter box in the apartment and clean weekly to maintain sanitary conditions and minimize odors.
  • Resident agrees to accept responsibility and to pay promptly any damage caused by the pet to the apartment, its contents and/or to any person or persons and their property as well as on the grounds or within the community.
  • Resident will provide veterinary certification copies of pet's current weight, that the pet has been neutered/spayed (cats only), all required shots are current, that pet is at least one year old and will weigh approximately 65 pounds or less as an adult (if not fully grown). A copy will be kept with this agreement. Resident must also show proof of license with the city.
  • A current photograph of pet has been provided and is kept by the on-site manager for identification purposes.

Pet Friendly Apartments Denver